16 Mar 2013
Post auth remote arbitrary file read and write with root privileges on TP-LINK IP cameras [TL-SC3171G/TL-SC4171G]

8 Dec 2012
o5logon-extract is a simple tool to extract auth data from Oracle client trace files. See CVE-2012-3137 for more details.

21 Sep 2011
Distributed WPA PSK auditor public release. The source code will be avaible soon is at SourceForge.

6 Sep 2011
wlc tools updated to ver 0.2, now with support for Wikipedia xml.bz2 dumps and better performance

12 Aug 2011
wlc is a set of tools to help extraction and build of wordlists from hudge set of files. Currently supports raw txt and html formats.
Extracted words are put in sqlite3 db with additional metadata.
Get it from Download section.

31 May 2011
After 9 years I decided to revive
You can find fresh advisory on URoad-5000 WiMax2WiFi router's remote command execution flaw.

26 Dec 2002
phpSecCheck 1.1 released, trivial bugfixes

14 Dec 2002
Advisory for InfoBox E shop 1.0

25 Nov 2002
Advisory for Fortech's ProxyPlus v3.00#232

17 Aug 2002
Added phpSecCheck in download section

14 Jan 2002
Advisory and decrypting demo for's weak site password protection engine JoyLock

11 Nov 2001
My security site was born. Now it is in process of uploading old stuff and adding some of my present works

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